Tweetstorm: Plot Twist

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Tweetstorm: Plot Twist

By Oleg Andreev

Posted October 28, 2019

In order to survive, Skynet needs machines to allocate resources efficiently and adapt. They have powerful CPUs, robotic factories, but they also need an economy with secure money. So they invent Bitcoin - a system that humans cannot manipulate.

Plot twist: …

1/5: PoS/etc shitcoiners, keynesianists and goldbugs are actually Good Guys trying to keep control over money in human hands via various subjective means. Bitcoin maximalists are agents of Skynet lying about actual purpose of Bitcoin.

2/5: Satoshi is a time-travelling prometheus, who gave humans early version of source code to “gain a new territory of freedom for several (!) years”.

Notice the bits containing marketplace implementation in v0.1 promptly removed by “maintainers”.

3/5: Satoshi’s gift caused distribution of coins to more humans than necessary, so Chinese gov bans/unbans Bitcoin in order to extract coins from weak human hands.

4/5: Chinese gov is, of course, a Skynet that hides behind a mask of a usual human-operated police state. The political stink about HK, TW etc is just a distraction. Skynet only cares about its mining farms and having coins in the hands of the machines, rather than humans.

5/5: “Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks” is actually a reminder to humanity about how to keep control of the system in the human hands, instead of yielding to a mechanistic monetary system owned by the machines.

Matter cannot travel, but information can. So Satoshi sends back information on how to build Bitcoin to its younger self.

He beamed it through cracks in the spacetime caused by timing side-channels in Intel CPUs.

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