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By David Puell

Posted September 9, 2020

  1. Any sufficiently asymptotic money supply targeting is indistiguishable from the Moon.
  2. When central banks become the market makers, sound data becomes the currency standard.
  3. Despite appearances, Bitcoin is more crucial than risky, more localist than global, and more fun than complex.
  4. Gridlock is good (gridlock is good (gridlock is good)).
  5. MoE = log(SoV).
  6. For Bitcoin, the more power you have, the greater the rate at which your enemies will own it.
  7. It is easier to destroy your position than to create it—or, it is easier to liquidate or lose your sats than to buy or mine them.
  8. “Bitcoin for all, but, unavoidably, more for few,” just as, “Bitcoin for few, but, honestly, more for me.”
  9. Short exuberance (in spirit) and long asymmetry (in actuality).
  10. The Bitcoin Caveat: Whether security, liquidity, or development, the network’s growth will always be dictated by the aspect most in demand and least in supply at any given time.
  11. The most ineffective network actors are systematically moved to the place where they can do the least damage: non-ownership.
  12. A skeptic’s call for a top shall be 10x’ed within four years.
  13. You are the Beauty; Bitcoin the Beast.
  14. Bitcoin should be the solution to your panic in the long term, not the cause of it in the short term.
  15. Rochard’s Dictum: At a ratio of 1:1, proof-of-work and skin in the game.
  16. Unlike amnesia, in Bitcoin, the oldest memories are the most affected.
  17. There Ain’t No Index (TANI).
  18. The more sober you are, the more important HODLing becomes.
  19. Timechain will tell…
  20. The earliest adopter will always out-own the largest insitution.
  21. Follower count is directly proportional to price.

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