The Astrology of Bitcoin

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The Astrology of Bitcoin

By Coeli Astrology

Posted March 18, 2020

Bitcoin is undoubtedly one of the most interesting developments in both the financial and technological sectors in recent times, presenting a radical alternative to traditional centralised banking, and claiming to act as a digital alternative to gold. As would be expected with such a radical development, it has met with vehement opposition and fervent support in near equal measure, with detractors claiming it is another case of tulip mania, while supporters claim it is the most significant financial development since the adoption of legal tender, forecasting Bitcoin to replace all centralised forms of currency and usher in a new era of decentralised trade and decentralised banking.

Aside from the financial and technological factors, Bitcoin is also incredibly fascinating from an astrological perspective, with a birth chart that is equally interesting to learn about as the currency itself. Many pieces have been written on the chart of Bitcoin, some from the perspective of “modern astrology”, but also some from the perspective of traditional forms of the art such as Jyotisha or Hellenistic astrology, including a very interesting piece on the application of Zodiacal Releasing to the development and price action of the cryptocurrency.

In this piece we will present a thorough analysis of Bitcoins birth chart though a house by house survey, highlighting the real world manifestations of each placement, focusing on the price movement, technology, and public perception of the cryptocurrency. A second article will soon be published detailing the application of Zodiacal Releasing and some other predictive techniques to the development of Bitcoin.

We will begin our investigation by examining the foundational strength of the chart, through the lens of the triplicity rulers of the sect light, the lot of fortune, the ascendant, and the medium coeli

Triplicity rulers of the Sect Light

The triplicity rulers of the sect light can give us a good indicator of the overall strength of the nativity, along with providing us some information on whether early/later life will be the more positive part of the natives life. In the case of Bitcoin, the prognosis here is not a positive one.

The first triplicity lord, Jupiter, is in fall, placed in the Capricorn, the sixth house, in the terms of Mars. The second triplicity lord is the Sun, also in the 6th House,  albeit in the terms of Jupiter. The participating triplicity lord is Saturn, which is placed in Virgo, (2nd house) in the terms of Mars.

None of the planets are particularly well placed, meaning that the nativity has a poor foundation of strength from the perspective of this technique. We can see here an early indication that Bitcoins fate will be subject to many reversals, and the charts foundational strength will be weakened.. This does not, of course, completely deny success to the currency, but it is a strong debilitating factor in the chart, and will give more weight to the negative predictions made for the currency.

The Ascendant and Midheaven are also placed in Fire signs, so the judgement on the strength of the triplicity lords of the sect light will extend to these points also, making for a very poor prognosis on the foundational strength of the chart.

Triplicity Rulers of Lot of Fortune

Aside from these three points, it is important to also examine the Triplicity Rulers of the lot of fortune, as this too has a significant influence over the strength of the nativity. Vettius Valens says that if the rulers of the sect light and other points are poorly placed, well configured triplicity rulers of the lot of fortune can sometimes salvage success for the nativity. In the case of Bitcoin, the triplicity rulers of the Lot are much better placed than the rulers of the sect light, with Venus (secondary ruler), and Mars (Co-operating Ruler) both in exaltation and their preferred sect.  The primary triplicity lord, the Moon, is also reasonably well placed, both in the birth chart and on the other days of the Moon.

From this we can see that all three triplicity lords of the Lot are all relatively well placed, which will go a long way towards compensating for the glaring weaknesses revealed by the triplicity lords of the sect light. It is written that the triplicity lords of the Lot being well placed can often make the native lucky in life, and attain high rank through fortuitous circumstances. Bitcoin was certainly made at a “fortuitous” time, following on from a global recession, when faith in fiat currency was at a low point. It could be argued that the strength of the Lot is one of the reasons why Bitcoin always seems to bounce back when it seems as if all hope is lost, and that even the most extreme crises experienced by the currency thus far have always been followed sooner or later, by an equally extreme recovery.

These techniques serve as a tool for determining both the severity of the difficulties in the life of the native, and also the heights of success indicated by the chart. From our analysis here it can be inferred that the “baseline” condition of Bitcoin will not be very positive, however it may achieve sudden, albeit short lived, success from time to time. A cursory examination of the history of the currency will prove this to be true, as the price of Bitcoin is constantly subject to both rapid increases and decreases in price, with the price fluctuating by up to 20% a day in some cases. For assets such as stocks or precious metals, such fluctuations are virtually non-existent, with even the most extreme fluctuations in price seldom exceeding 10% in a day, generally occurring in times of crisis or global financial upheaval.

First House

BTC has the Descending Node in the first house, and this placement has proven to have an incredible influence over the currency, and as with all placements in the first house, has had a profound impact on the nature of the nativity.

There are no precise predictions given in any Hellenistic texts for the Descending Node in the first house, with this placement being notably absent from Rhetorius the Egyptians significations for the nodes in the houses. This does not, however, stop us from gaining valuable information from this placement, as we are aware of some core principles of the descending node which we can use to make forecasts for its placement in the houses, even when no specific information is given.

In the case of Bitcoin, the “dissipating” and “reducing” effects of the node have manifested through the currency being decentralised and split into countless different pieces, the descending node acting directly on the ascendant here in a most interesting fashion. Free of the limitations of the human form, the descending node has much more leeway here to manifest its effects, and has quite literally dissipated the very being of Bitcoin, offering a striking example of a pure, direct manifestation of the node’s effects.

The node is aspected by neither benefics nor malefics, so its effects will not be “filtered” by the influence of any planets. The only planet in aspect is Mercury, which is making a sign based opposition to the node here. The impact of the node in this case certainly has a Mercurial character, with the effects of this placement pertaining largely to finance and technology.

The dodecatemoria of the ascendant can also tell us interesting things about the nativity, often pointing out an area of particular focus in the life of the native, or one of symbolic importance. In the case of Bitcoin the dodecatemoria of the ascendant is at 10 Libra, in the terms of Mercury. The third house of communication is a very appropriate placement for an entity such as Bitcoin, with the terms of mercury bringing the financial/technological significations into play. Not a revelatory placement, but a good example of the accuracy of this lesser known technique.

Second House. 

The second house in Bitcoins chart is Virgo, with the out of sect malefic, Saturn, placed here. The second house will be quite important for Bitcoin, given that its primary function is to be a store of value and financial asset. Having Saturn here does not bode well at all for the fledgling cryptocurrency, with the house containing the out of sect malefic usually pinpointing an area of difficulty in the life of the native.

Aside from being out of sect, Saturn has no triplicity Rulership here, and is in the terms of Mars. It is however, receiving an opposition from Venus, which will be expected to produce some difficulties. It also sends an Antiscia to Aries, the sign of Saturn’s fall, which will be another weaking factor for the planet. We will delve into this Antiscia placement in more detail later, for now we will note that it will have an adverse effect on the condition of Saturn. The trine from Jupiter, Mars and Sun will improve the planets condition somewhat, making the difficulties forecast by this placement much more manageable.

The prediction for Saturn in the 2nd is for illnesses and great reversals of fortune, along with the native often being an “agitator of great public disturbances”.

There is also the prediction for the native to “waste their inheritance”. This forecast is quite interesting in the case of Bitcoin, as the mysterious “father” of the currency, Satoshi Nakamoto, has almost 1 million BTC in a wallet which remains untouched to this day. There are numerous theories as to what will happen to these Bitcoins, some say that Bitcoin SV founder Craig Wright is Satoshi, and he will sell all of the Bitcoin one day in an effort to make Bitcoin SV the number one cryptocurrency. Others say that the wallet is lost, and it will never be opened. Others still say that Satoshi will only use the wallet in an emergency.

Whatever the case, astrology would point to a reversal of some sorts resulting from this wallet, as it represents the “inheritance” of Bitcoin, being an asset withheld from the currency by its founder(s) for future purposes.

We can see here that Saturn has most certainly delivered on its promises with regards to reversals, with btc being one of the most volatile assets on the market today, subject to huge fluctuations in price, often dropping by more than 10% of its value in a single day. The illnesses and injuries have manifested as the many hacks and security issues which have plagued Bitcoin from the beginning, with the Mt Gox hack being a notable example here.

The agitator of public disturbances is another signification which is clear for all to see, with huge regulatory concerns, along with a bad reputation among many members of the public proving to be recurring issues for Bitcoin.

The effects of the ruler of this house in the 7th will be seen through the forks that have emerged from Bitcoin, and the infighting between the founders of the currency. Bitcoin Cash is the primary example of this.

The planet which rules the second house can also give us a hint as to the likely cause of any losses of income/employment are likely to be for the native. With Mercury as ruler of the second we can expect mercurial subjects such as technology, finance, and writing to be some of the contributing factors to any losses of income experienced by Bitcoin, and it is quite obvious that this has proven to be true. The only non-obvious result of this placement is the difficulties experienced by Bitcoin as a result of the countless hit pieces that have been published by journalists and critics of the cryptocurrency, which have contributed to many “losses of income” in the case of Bitcoin.

Third House

The third house of Bitcoin chart is Libra, and it contains the Imum Coeli, meaning it will also signify fourth house matters, along with any placements here having the strength of an angular planet. While there are no natal placements here, we can see the antiscia of Venus placed here, a very auspicious placement having both domicile rulership and angularity. What we can infer from this placement is that hidden matters, and the “foundation” of the currency will both be points of strength. The “foundation” here will manifest as the brilliant technology and team working behind Bitcoin, along with the large base of support that the currency has. The hidden matters will manifest as the currencies ability to avoid regulation, and benefit from much of the clandestine activity associated with BTC in its early years, when it was the currency of choice amongst deep web drug dealers, and also many international crime gangs. Another obvious manifestation of the hidden significations here is the currencies security and cryptography, two decidedly fourth house matters which have proved incredibly beneficial for Bitcoin, and are perhaps two of the greatest strengths possessed by the currency. It would also be expected that the currencies “parents’ will be another point of positive focus in its development, and this has proved to be a complicated matter, as will be shown later. However we can most certainly say that Bitcoin’s founders were very talented and innovative people, who equipped the currency with the technological foundation which would prove to be a key influence in propelling the currency to the heights which it has experienced in recent years. Venus here would also suggest a good old age, however this is less certain, due to some other placements, and also taking into account that we are dealing with an Antiscia here, which will reduce the strength of all predictions made.

Fourth House

The fourth house is Scorpio and contains no major placements, having no natal planets, antisica, dodecatemoria, or even contra antsica. The ruler of the 4th is Mars, in the 6th house, which would indicate death abroad in the case of a human nativity. In the case of Bitcoin its “death” is very likely to occur abroad, as most of the money flowing in and out of the cryptocurrency comes from outside of Ireland. This will, however, not be a very strong forecast, as you generally want a prediction to be mentioned three or more times before you are certain of it happening.

Fifth House.

The 5th house is Sagittarius, and while it does not contain any natal planets, it does contain the Anstica of Jupiter, Sun and Mars, along with the Dodecatemoria of Jupiter.

Turning our eyes first to Jupiter, we see that these placements are hugely positive for the greater benefic, with the Antiscia and Dodecatemoria having domicile rulership in Sagittarius, a potent combination that  greatly strengthens what is one of weakest natal placements in the chart.

Jupiter in the 5th promises the native wealth, honour, and health, along with a position of power and prominence. As this is a night chart, and we are dealing with “secondary” placements, we can expect these predictions to be reduced in intensity, however they do serve as key astrological indicators of the incredible success enjoyed by Bitcoin, and show us how what seems like a very weak planet in the chart, can make some very positive predictions given its hidden strength revealed to us by the Dodecatemoria and Antiscia.

The Sun is also well placed here, having triplicity rulership, along with being conjunct Jupiter.

A key consideration in judging the condition of these points will be the superior square they receive from Saturn. This aspect changes what would have been a very positive placement, into one promising difficulties and setbacks to accompany all the good fortune predicted by this configuration. The square from Saturn will have a limiting and reversing effect on the predictions here, facilitating the negative side of fifth house matters, such as losses from speculation, to manifest in the life of Bitcoin.

It seems that no matter what way you look at things, all the positive predictions and placements of Bitcoin are hampered by the influence of the greater malefic, something that has proven true time and time again over the lifetime of the cryptocurrency so far. All of its amazing price rallies were followed by severe rapid declines, and regulatory efforts from governments and banks have been a thorn in the side of Bitcoin for many years. Even in discussions about the currency online and in person you will notice the influence of Saturn, for every fan of BTC there is a detractor, for every John McAffee there is a Peter Schiff, the malefic influence of Saturn always rearing its head as soon as the Jupitarian optimism shows its face. This is not to say that either side is right or wrong, it is merely an observation from the “perspective of Bitcoin” as if it were a native. In the context of an individual chart, the malefic influence will be experienced always from the natives perspective, not necessarily from the perspective of “the other”.

The effects of Saturn in superior square will be somewhat offset by Venus making an inferior square to the placements in this house. This will not eliminate the impact of Saturn, but it will soften it somewhat. For Jupiter, this placement will be strong, as it has both term and house rulership. For the Sun it will be above average, as it has triplicity rulership and is in the terms of Venus. For Mars it will be average, as it does not have term or triplicity rulership.

We cannot of course, pass over the firth house without mentioning the associations of this place with gambling, speculation, and financial gains. The plethora of placements here will signal that these factors will be highly significant in the development of Bitcoin, and given the strength of these placements, it would be expected that this will be a very positive area for Bitcoin, and this has most certainly proven to be true. The meteoric rise of Bitcoin from being a fringe item of curiosity, to one of the most talked about financial assets in the world, was hugely influenced by speculation, and the reputation of the currency as an easy way to make a quick buck.

This was most clearly illustrated in recent years by the bull run of 2017, and the associated mass hysteria that accompanied it. People with no prior interest in trading or cryptocurrency were now flocking to Bitcoin, seeing it as somewhat of a golden goose which would deliver them to wealth and financial freedom. It cannot be denied that this speculative interest proved hugely influential in the development of Bitcoin and was largely responsible for the astronomical rise in prominence that the currency experienced over the past few years.

These placements offer us a striking example of the power of the antisica and dodecatemoria, as without examining these hidden placements, we would have little idea on the astrological root of how fifth house matters such as speculation came to have such a profound impact on Bitcoin, and how many Jupitarian matters came to have such a positive effect on the cryptocurrency, even with Jupiter so poorly placed natally.

Sixth House

Capricorn is the sign of the 6th house, and it contains a three planet conjunction of Mars, the Sun, and Jupiter. It is the most active house in the chart in terms of natal placements, and as such is key to unlocking the astrological secrets behind this enigmatic cryptocurrency. We see that Mars is earliest in the degrees of the sign, and as such will be the planet with the most influence over the predictions of this house. Mars is quite well dignified here, being in the sign of its exaltation, the house of its joy, and in sect. The Sun is less well dignified, being out of sect and having no triplicity rulership. It is however, in the terms of Jupiter, which will strengthen its condition somewhat. Jupiter is the least well dignified of the three, being in fall, and in the terms of Mars. Jupiter is however, quite close to the DSC, and as such will be strengthened in condition, along with having more capacity to influence the nativity given its angularity. This increased influence will be a mixed blessing for Bitcoin, as we have seen in the past where the expansion and optimism of Jupiter has gotten out of hand, leading to unsustainable growth followed by a very dramatic fall. On a side note, the boom bust cycle of Bitcoin is a good illustration of the polarity between Jupiter and Saturn, the boom showing the expansive qualities of Jupiter, while the bust shows the reversals and restrictions so characteristic of Saturn.

We have a prediction for this particular three planet conjunction in another article, taking Firmicus Maternus’ forecast for the combination, and putting it in the context of modern times.

“The positive effects of this conjunction are that the native is predicted to achieve success in the fields of business or politics, with an important job in the civil service also possible. Some natives may rise from an average position early in life to one of high status, with the help of powerful people.

The negatives of this conjunction are that the native is likely to be involved in difficulties, dangers, and reversals. Sometimes these difficulties will arise from their dealings with powerful individuals, other times from familial issues or betrayals. In some instances these difficulties can lead to criminal charges. The scale and magnitude of these issues will be determined by the condition of the planets and overall nature of the chart.”

We can see quite clearly in the case of Bitcoin that all of these predictions have proven true, showing that even though these predictions made by the ancient authors are generic, they are also very accurate, and should not be discounted when judging a chart.

All planets are receiving a trine from Saturn, and a sextile from Venus. The trine from Saturn will be a very positive aspect to have for the planets, as they will benefit from the oft forgotten benefic capacity of Saturn, feeling the influence of the god of the Satya Yuga. This influence will bring an even greater capacity for organisation and hard work than already exists in this placement, with the nature of Mars effects being the most notably enhanced by this aspect. In the case of Mars, the trine from Saturn will reinforce the “controlled aggression” of Mars in Capricorn, upgrading what was the equivalent of a disciplined military force, into an elite special operations unit, as organised and efficient as they are powerful and deadly.

The sixth house is commonly associated with hard work, slavery, and toil. The manifestations of this in the case of Bitcoin will show up in “Bitcoin mining”. Bitcoin mining takes a lot of computing power to solve problems, computers acting as “virtual slaves” in this context.

Jupiter itself in the 6th house makes an interesting prediction for the native to be a goldsmith or silversmith. Bitcoins aspirations to become the digital gold standard offer us an illustration of how these effects can manifest in the case of a non human entity.

The sun brings a spotlight onto the topic of mining, making it one of the standout features of Bitcoin, leading it to be widely recognised by the public, even amongst those unfamiliar with Bitcoin. The positive effects of Mars are clear for all to see here, as the hard work of mining has brought success to Bitcoin and attracted many to the currency in the first place, offering a profitable means of attaining BTC, while improving the security of the currency. Jupiter brought scale to these enterprises, expanding them greatly. The effects of this expansion could prove difficult for Bitcoin, as many miners may cease operation if the price gets too low, and over time it becomes less and less profitable to mine, in this case Jupiter being in fall would be the cause of such a series of events. The negative press coverage about the environmental impact of upscaled Bitcoin mining could be seen as the negative side of having Jupiter in fall with the Sun in the 6th house.

The symbolism of this configuration extends to the ordering of the planets. As the earliest planet in the configuration, Mars will have the strongest influence over the placement. We see this in the orderly, tactical, and forceful manner in which Bitcoin is mined, many computers performing equation after equation as they work towards solving the block. We can even see the Martian influence in the temperature of the computers, as they heat up from the demands of the mining process. Following Mars is the Sun, the Sun representing the moment of “intuitive apprehension” when the equation is solved and the block is completed. Lastly we have Jupiter, this represents the financial reward at the end of the work, the gold rich ore at the end of the tunnel. As Jupiter is a de facto angular planet, this is the most important moment of the process, where the work done under the earth by Mars moves towards its emergence above the horizon. In a traditional mine, Jupiter would represent the loader bringing the ore up to the surface for processing.

This house is perhaps the most symbolically significant of the whole chart, presenting the whole process of Bitcoin mining to us in the space of 30 degrees, a truly magnificent example of the rich symbolism you can find buried in a birth chart.

Seventh House

Given the decentralised nature of Bitcoin, we would expect the 7th house to feature strongly in its chart, and feature strongly it does, with Mercury placed here in its own terms, and with triplicity rulership in the sign of Aquarius. Having Mercury here brings many “partners” for Bitcoin, in the form of the thousands of people who own some of the currency. Being in an air sign such as Aquarius is a perfect fit for an entity such as this, whose existence is purely virtual in nature, the nebulous qualities of the air element made plain for all to see here.

Joining Mercury in the house of partnership is the Ascending Node. The effect of the node here will be to increase and potentiate the “promiscuity” indicated by Mercury, leading to the thousands of “partners” which Bitcoin has accumulated over the course of time. The Ascending Nodes effects vary considerably depending on the aspects made to it by other planets, with benefits promising good predictions from the node, while malefics will promise bad predictions. In this case, the node is not receiving any aspects whatsoever from benefics or malefics, with Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus all in aversion. The interaction of the Ascending Node with Mercury is somewhat unknown, with very few references made to this in the ancient texts. There are a number of cases where the node is said to interact well with Mercury, but these are quite specific, and do not tell us much about the principle behind the interactions of the pair.

One other signification of the ascending node given by Vettius Valens is that it can have a destructive influence on the topics of the house in which it is placed, and it would appear that this is the case for Bitcoin, albeit not in the sense of decentralised partnerships, but on the partnerships of its founders. There was, as alluded to previously in this piece, a major falling out in the Bitcoin community, which led to the formation of Bitcoin Cash. While there are other placements which further indicate this, the effects of the ascending node would have been a significant contributing factor towards the dissolution of this particular partnership.

Eighth House

The eighth house, the house of death, inheritance, and other people’s money, would be expected to be amongst the most positive in the case of Bitcoin, given that Venus, the beneifc of sect is placed here in Pisces, the sign of its exaltation. It is also the 11th house from Fortune, (“the place of acquisition” as it was referred to in the ancient texts) and as such it will have a strong influence on the capacity of Bitcoin to make money.

Venus has both triplicity and term rulership here, making it very well dignified, however it is also receiving an opposition from Saturn in the 2nd, which will be highly debilitating for the planets condition, and cause a number of difficulties pertaining to 8th house matters

Aside from the natal placement of Venus here, there is also a significant number of dodecatemoria placements, with Venus, Mars and Mercury all having their dodecatemoria located in this house. The deodecatemoria of Venus here is a very positive placement, being equally well dignified as its source planet. Mars dodecatemoira is also well dignified here, having triplicity rulership and being in the terms of Venus. The dodecatemoria of Mercury however, is nowhere near as well dignified, being in fall in Pisces and having no triplicity rulership here.

The dodecatemorias are all receiving an opposition from Saturn, which will not bode well for their condition, or their predictions, even if their essential dignity is quite strong. Mercury’s dodecatemoria is also in aversion to its source planet, which is a debilitating factor for both placements.  Mars is in sextile to its dodecatemoria, which is a good sign, and strengthens the expression of both placements.

The combination here of Venus, Mercury and Mars is an interesting configuration, as it makes a number of predictions which are very applicable to Bitcoin. Mercury and Mars together will usually add a streak of corruption/criminality to the nativity. This can be seen from the multiple legal issues that Bitcoin has experienced, along with its utlisation by drug dealers and other forms of criminality. The opposition of Saturn has seen much of these cases being found out and punished. The rules and regulations which many governments and organisations have imposed on Bitcoin are another manifestation of this placement, with Saturnian entities quite literally coming into opposition with the Martian-Mercurial nature of the cryptocurrency.

Venus is right at 0 degrees of Pisces, and as such it will have a commanding influence on the configuration of placements in this house, and this is clear from the manner in which Bitcoin has adapted to these issues, always coming out on top despite the many difficulties in its path, and with any issues pertaining to its corruption largely being smoothed over due to the strong Venusian influence at work early in the degrees of Pisces.

The Venusian influence here, when combined with Mars and Mercury, will also make much of the financial gains made by Bitcoin be squandered, and dissipate quickly. In a human nativity it would often manifest as the native being wasteful of money, in the case of Bitcoin it has led to much of its good fortune being short lived, often due to buyers being over exuberant and bringing the currency to price levels which did not reflect its true value.

The location of Venus here will predict that Bitcoin will benefit from unexpected sources of wealth, or from the death of others. The death significations could be taken as the currency benefiting from the death of physical money, or fiat currency, or from the “death” of the economy experienced during a recession. Bitcoin has most certainly benefited from the slow death of physical money, with more and more people using digital services such as Revolut in Britain and Ireland, and the Cash-App in America, society has become more open to alternative, digital methods of payment, and the concept of a digital currency is becoming more and more palatable to consumers.

Having the benefic of sect in the place of acquisition shows us one of the key astrological factors behind the incredible financial success enjoyed by Bitcoin since its inception. The currency was once valued at $0, and at its peak was valued at nearly $20,000 dollars. Its ability to make money clearly being one of the most positive aspects in the life of Bitcoin, and finding suitable representation in the birth chart.

Of course we cannot ignore recent developments in the price of Bitcoin, with the currency experiencing a significant fall in value in tandem with the huge crash hitting traditional assets in recent weeks. Many will point to events such as this and ask why is Bitcoin not benefiting from the “death” of the financial system? To this I would respond that what we are witnessing here are the effects of the opposition of Saturn to the 8th house, while also pointing out that we are currently in the initial stages of a global recession, and the markets are likely to continue to suffer as things progress over the coming years, so we cannot make judgements on this matter just yet.

In the follow up article to this piece, we will see that Bitcoin is set for a significant period of growth in late April and late June, so the forecast made by the 8th house may still prove true, we will just have to wait a while to find out.

Ninth House

The Ninth House in the chart of Bitcoin is Aries, and it contains the Moon, along with the antiscia of Saturn. The Moon was in the waxing stage at the time Bitcoin came into being, so it will interact relatively well with Saturn, very well with Jupiter, and interact poorly with Venus and Mars.

(It is due to the Moon becoming more “diurnal” as its light increases, and more “nocturnal” as its light decreases that it interacts in this way.)

The Moon’s conjunction with Saturn’s antiscia here will be a hugely weakening factor for the planet, as Saturn is the malefic of sect, in the sign of its fall.

The Moon has no triplicity rulership here, which will further weaken its condition, however it is in the terms of Jupiter, which will somewhat improve its condition, especially given that it is waxing.

As always with the Moon, its aspects are crucial in determining its condition, along with its status on the 3rd, 7th, and 42nd day after the natives birth, along with the condition of the eclipse, full and new Moon nearest to the birth.

The Moon is receiving a superior square from Jupiter, the Sun, and Mars, bringing a mix of positive and negative effects on its condition. The superior square from Jupiter will be greatly strengthening for the Moon’s condition, while the square from Mars will be very harmful to its condition. Given Mars is closer to a degree based aspect with the Moon than Jupiter, we can say that on the whole, these aspects will weaken the condition of the Moon, however the reduction in strength will be greatly reduced due to the influence of Jupiter.

(Even if Mars is well placed as it is in this chart, it still interacts poorly with the waxing Moon, and is still a malefic planet, so it is safe to say that its effects will still be damaging.)

The movement of the Moon must also be taken into account when determining its predictions. In this case the Moon is moving from Mercury to Mars, with the archetypal manifestation of this configuration being a powerful and feared military/political leader, who ends up making serious mistakes in their career, resulting in them being overthrown and going into hiding/being killed.

After adapting this archetypal prediction to the case of Bitcoin, are presented with a strikingly accurate prediction. It is a rebellion against the existing financial system, an anarchistic alternative to the state controlled centralised financial system currently in place. It is feared by governments and banks, with these institutions creating rules and regulations designed to restrict and oppress the cryptocurrency, and stop it from toppling the ivory tower of centralised control which they have built around the financial system.

The forecast made by this configuration does not bode well for the future of Bitcoin, with the predictions strongly indicating a dramatic reversal in career, as the Moon moves from Mercury to Mars, travelling towards destruction. Given that the Moon is waxing in the chart of Bitcoin, these predictions must be taken very seriously, and strongly indicate that Bitcoin will experience a very dramatic downfall at some point or another, the precise timing of such an event will be discussed in the second article in series.

The ninth house also contains the midheaven, which means that the career and public perception of Bitcoin will also be largely determined by the ninth house. The placement of the Moon here is very interesting. The Moon symbolises the masses, change, and the “rational” faculty of our intelligence* (the sun representing the intuitive faculty), and all of these factors feature heavily in the development of Bitcoin. “The Masses” come into play through its decentralised nature, requiring the cooperation of all Bitcoin holders to maintain the decentralised ledger, and also through the influences of the masses on the price action of Bitcoin, their emotions and actions changing rapidly, just as the lunar cycle. The rational mind significations materialise in the technological nature of Bitcoin, and the importance of programming in the currencies development. There are few fields that place a greater demand on rational intelligence than programming/technology, and given the Moon’s placement with the midheaven it is no surprise that these two fields feature heavily in the development of Bitcoin.

*This association does not, by any means,  come from “modern astrology”, but from Rene Guenon, who makes the connection between the Moon and the rational intelligence in his book “Symbols of Sacred Science”.  The Moon has “reflected” light, and in our case this represents the rational “reflection” on the intuitive knowledge of the Sun. The Sun represents direct, intuitive knowledge, while the Moon represents the rational “reflection” on this. 

Having the Midheaven located here will also put a 9th house filter on the career of Bitcoin. We can see this through the topics of foreign countries, travel, and governments featuring strongly in Bitcoins career. It is truly a global currency, being used in almost every country in the world, and payments can be made in seconds between people on opposite sides of the world, with no exchange rates, and very low fees. Governments have also featured heavily, albeit in a negative sense, imposing rules and regulations on Bitcoin and hampering its growth. It could be said that “religion” (the word taken in the modern, western, context) has also featured heavily in the career of Bitcoin, with the currency having somewhat of a cult following, and the mysterious founder Satoshi Nakamoto being regarded as somewhat of a “messiah” by many of the currencies supporters. Much could be said on this, but the article is long enough as it stands.

Interestingly, the rising time of Aries in this chart is around 3 years, a very early rising time which suggests that in this case we can expect the early years of the currency to be hugely important for its development, and for much of the “career” related predictions to manifest quite early on in the life of Bitcoin. This has proven true, as the currency enjoyed a rise to prominence around the 3 year mark of its development, with a number of important events taking place around this time, along with a rapid rise to prominence. During this time period the currency most certainly lived up to the changeable forecast made for its career by the presence of the Moon on the midheaven, with both the price action and development of the currency going through phases of both unprecedented growth, and unprecedented decline.

Tenth House

Bitcoins 10th house is Taurus, and it contains the lot of fortune, along with the dodecatemoria of Saturn and the Moon. Saturn’s dodecatemoria will not bode well for 10th house matters such as career and public perception, with the out of sect malefic importing restriction, reversals, and difficulties to matters signified by the 10th house. Saturn is also in trine to its dodecaemoria, which will be an indicator of strength for Saturn.

The Moon’s presence here will be much more positive for Bitcoin, the Moon having its exaltation in Taurus. The dodecatemoria of the Moon however, is in aversion to its source planet, which will debilitate the planets condition somewhat, off-setting some of the benefits accrued from the Moon being in exaltation here. The conjunction of Saturn’s dodecatemoria will also prove difficult, although these difficulties will be mitigated by the Moon being in exaltation in Taurus, and also by its waxing condition, as the waxing Moon interacts well with saturn. The Dodecatemoria of the Moon is also receiving a trine from Jupiter Mars and Sun, a sextile from Venus, and a trine from Saturn. The trine from Jupiter and Saturn to the waxing Moon dodecatemoria is an incredibly auspicious configuration, however the aspects from Venus and Mars are less auspicious, given that these planets interact poorly with the waxing Moon. Venus and Mars do however, respectively make a sextile and trine to the Moon, which will mean that much of the negative effects of their aspect will be eliminated.

We see from this placement the extent of the influence exerted by the Moon on Bitcoins career/public perception. The predictions have certainly held true, with Bitcoins reputation and fortune waxing and waning, subject to the ebb and flow of the tides of public opinion. The Lunar influence having a near archetypal manifestation on the “career” of Bitcoin.

Eleventh House

The Eleventh house contains the dodecatemoria of the Sun, which will prove to be a mixed placement. While the 11th is an excellent house for any placement,  the Sun is in aversion to this point, meaning that it will not be an overly auspicious dodecatemoria. The Sun in the 11th however will bode well for Bitcoin’s public perception, success, and financial outlook, promising success to be delivered in these areas over time.

The contra antiscia of Jupiter, Sun and Mars are also here, which will improve the condition of all these planets, given that they are in one of the most favourable houses in the chart. It is an interesting placement also in the fact that it makes a connection between “friends” (11th house) and the sixth house matters of work. This can be seen through the Bitcoin miners being faithful allies to Bitcoin over the course of time, always keeping their machines running to maintain the strength of the network, even when matters were not looking very promising for the future of Bitcoin.

Twelfth House

To end on a mind numbing note, there are no planets, dodecatamorias, antiscia or contra antiscia here, making this the least active of all the houses in Bitcoins chart, and revealing next to nothing about the cryptocurrency. It is a positive sign to have no placements here, and the ruler of the Twelfth in the 9th (with the MC) may indicate legal issues and problems with government, but not much can be said other than that.

With that we have reached the end of our analysis of the birth chart of Bitcoin. Why it is by no means exhaustive, it has revealed a lot about the astrological roots of many of the unique characteristics of Bitcoin, and provided an interesting case study of applying basic techniques used for human nativities, to non human entities such as Bitcoin. It is a case where many of the predictions translated remarkably well, even though their designated purpose was the birth charts of humans. More proof, if we ever needed it, that the forces symbolised in the birth chart permeate every single layer of material reality, including the virtual ones.

In the next article on the astrology of Bitcoin, we will examine the Zodiacal Releasing periods of the currency, along with taking a cursory look at some other predictive techniques as they apply to the case of Bitcoin. Many will have been disappointed that there was not much information in this article with which you could make money from, however your disappointment will vanish upon reading the next piece, as Zodiacal Releasing has proved incredibly effective in predicting the price action of Bitcoin in the past, and will serve as a valuable addition to any traders toolbox, so watch this space!

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