Bitcoin, life, and time.

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Bitcoin, life and time.

By zen ₿

Posted November 5, 2019

You have a limited lifespan.

The moment you are born to the moment you die. A limited and countable number of days and hours. This time is the scarcest and thus the most valuable thing you will ever have.

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Every passing minute, every passing second takes away a bit from the whole, leaving every remaining second even more valuable. Time keeps on passing, with or without you acknowledging, exponentially increasing the value of every day, every second you are left with to live.

Every new morning is exponentially more valuable than the last.

Now, take a pause, look at where you are right now. The present moment, this very second is the most valuable second you have ever had, exponentially valuable than any time in your life until now.

Look around, look at yourself, ask, what have you traded this time for?

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Knowing this, become aware that all your life you have been trading. Trading the most valuable, scarcest resource for fulfilling your desires.

All your decisions are but a trade in time.

Most of the humanity chooses some form of good, called money, to store the time they spent generating time efficiency (value) for others. You trade your working hours for money, saving it, expecting it to hold the value of your time into the future.

With that foundation, here’s a thought experiment. One from personal experience. My mother spent most of her life teaching biology to high school students. She was paid $8/month at the start of her career in 1980s. She traded 10hr/day for a month in exchange for $8. At her retirement she was paid ~$1000/month for almost the same job.

The 8$ she was paid for a month is not even worth a day’s expense today.

Where did her time go?

Isn’t 30 days of her life back then(1980s) = 30 days of her life now? No? Think hard about it, think to the seconds that passed in that month and the seconds that tick off her life now, count them. I bet they would be the same. Can those $8 give her those days back?

If you understand the exponential nature of time’s value as explained before, you’ll see that those 30 days of her time then (if stored) should have been exponentially more valuable today because of the number of days she is left with in her life now.

So, what happened?

She’s was ignorant of the importance of scarcity. Unaware of the fact that for a good to act a store of value, it needs to reflect the scarcity of the very thing whose value it is expected to store.

She traded her time (the scarcest good) for a good that was marketed to her as a store for value but was being produced in large quantities ($). The easy printing of money diluted her life savings and robbed her of her own life.

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I’d not disagree that she was a bad trader and could have traded the fiat(Government issued money) for something scarcer. But apparently the schools even today don’t teach monetary history and markets.

This still goes on today. You will be robbed off your life.

Don’t make the same mistake your parents made. Understand the value of your present moment, invest it properly(it is the most valuable thing you’ll ever have).

So, what should you do?

Understand scarcity. Study money. Learn the difference between hard and easy money. Also learn about bitcoin, it is the scarcest good that is closest in reflecting the scarcity of your time.

To get started, pick a copy of The Little Bitcoin Book and Knut Svanholm’s fantastic work Bitcoin: Sovereignty through mathematics.

For a deeper dive check out @saifedean’s book — The Bitcoin Standard.

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