Bitcoin Has to Be for Everyone

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Bitcoin Has to Be for Everyone

By Brian Harrington

Posted June 12, 2020 

#bitcoin has to be for everyone There is no alternative The legacy system is failing The world is literally demanding new solutions, everyone is frustrated w/ oppression

Look at what’s happening with the autonomous zones, and talk of tax protesting, and talk of defunding institutions People know that voting and politicians are a joke, people know the current game is rigged

If you’re even saying the word #bitcoin and you think you have zero understanding, the fact that you’re saying it and interested for some reason is huge, you know there is something here And even more than that you know the current status quo is rigged

When you choose to believe #bitcoin is too complicated for everyone so only some will get it and only some will find it useful that doesn’t feel like it’s big enough then If that’s your mindset I would challenge you to dream bigger

I don’t think the revolution can half moon, like humans are either able to take back our wealth and time and labor from corrupt institutions or we can’t?

The internet is for everyone, Jesus is for everyone, country specific revolutionary wars are for everyone in that country. Like that’s how big #bitcoin is

If only a few people are able to secede and be free we are falling short of our potential If only we are going to get rich in USD and pay cap gains we are falling short of our potential

The ability to send value peer to peer digitally no middle men stealing your labor, time, and wealth is a completely gigantic thing that after 11 years still is not fully figured out

If you’re a #bitcoin user and are feeling discouraged for not getting it or you have concerns about concentration of wealth in the new system or concerned with swapping one pair of elites for a new pair of elites Your position is valid

Your concern is valid I’m concerned with it too In the fight against tyranny we need everyone we can get The revolution is for everyone I want you to use #bitcoin I want you to take your wealth, labor, and time back from the people stealing it from you

I want you to join the fight I want you to join the revolution with me #bitcoin is for everyone I’m dumping the tea in the harbor, I’m not paying the tax anymore to a corrupt system Please join me Do it for yourself and do it for your family

#bitcoin is bigger than just a hot stock that might go up, it’s bigger than just a way to make money It’s changing the way labor and tax and commerce agreements between humans can be set up It’s not a way to make money one time, it’s a brand new paradigm shift

#bitcoin has the potential to defund oppression and set people free You can fully control your value after working for it rather than having it erode from fees and political decisions

Some people already live in this reality of earn, spend, and save with #bitcoin They report back that it is freeing and the friction to do it with more convenience is being eroded every day as more people switch over

Some people are holding #bitcoin and not living off it yet because their employers won’t pay them in Bitcoin yet This is legitimately a problem, this is a current speed bump. People are aware and working on this

Whether you’re living off #bitcoin now or waiting to live off it in future your participation is good and appreciated Both these actions improve the value of the alternative system that again literally must survive because there’s no other option

This thread is an invitation Different people will say different things about #bitcoin in the same way they say different things about Jesus, the internet, and revolutionary wars You are invited and encouraged to participate in the Bitcoin parallel economy

#bitcoin is different than the legacy system in that cancel culture has a hard time existing on the network and in fact doesn’t at all Some Third parties on top of Bitcoin still engage in certain types of cancel culture which is frustrating

At the core when using certain options BTC transactions are impossible to censor That’s what makes it so radically different and what makes it for everyone

Even enemies can use #bitcoin at the same time and not have a way to censor the other person or take away their ability to transact

The world is desperately demanding this solution, we all have experiences of being treated unfairly by a banking or government third party #bitcoin fixes this

If you’re stalled with your #bitcoin progress or you feel like after using it you may be being censored or not getting the full experience try a new wallet or a new exchange

Wallet software and exchange software is different than the #bitcoin software The developers of that software can set their own rules Sometimes those rules can be frustrating and it can feel like you’re back in the legacy system

I have experienced this frustration It’s hard to know what to do The frustration doubles when you ask for help and are told that maybe #bitcoin just isn’t for you

I genuinely believe the opposite of that I think and believe if you’re reading this right now that #bitcoin is for you and I think it’s useful for you And I won’t even say in the future, I believe it’s useful to you right now

I believe #bitcoin can help you right now The reason is because the current value transfer system or banking system connected to the government is rigged That’s an unfair game, the sooner you get out of that game the better

The legacy banking system tied to the government is a den of thieves These institutions do not promote your health and freedom, they promote your imprisonment Use #bitcoin and get away from them

Then vote with your #bitcoin and challenge products built on Bitcoin to be open and transparent and built for everyone

Sometimes it’s helpful to see how others are using #bitcoin I think of my finances in three stacks 1. USD that I use for bills/taxes 2. BTC deposits w/ a Bitcoin bank called BlockFi 3. Samourai Wallet that I run this thing called whirlpool on before spending

1. USD is important because it’s the current unit of account for the world, works best to be a good budgeter in USD so then you can lean into trying out different #bitcoin set ups without worrying about living off Bitcoin yet

2. Bitcoin deposits are important because I still like to have a banking type feel with some of my funds and the place I chose gives me the ability to get a USD loan if I need it in the future, added flexibility I like

3. My Samourai Wallet stack is the stack that is the most fun and the most active participating focus for me at the moment because it deals w/ earning and spending #bitcoin This is where when paired w/ a node you keep at your house, you become your own bank

When I do jobs for #bitcoin I get the funds sent to me using Samourai Wallet because it’s the most private wallet at the moment When used correctly, others can’t see the amount or who is paying me This is the opposite of the current banking system that mistreats their users

That’s the way that I #bitcoin budget and I’m working on moving more commerce from bucket 1 to bucket 3 The more I can transact on things I need with Samourai Wallet instead of USD the less I will be paying institutions that don’t have my best interest at heart

Bitcoin is for everyone, even enemies, and even people that have nothing in common except wanting freedom The incentives to work together on #bitcoin are more powerful than any other thing on earth right now looking to disrupt established institutions

Lots of people will argue about this, it’s not rainbows and pancakes on the way to disrupting entrenched corrupt systems, I’m not laying out this thread naively thinking a lot of people believe this is possible So many #bitcoin users don’t even believe this is possible

I think it’s worth it to try and every sign I see points towards it being possible #bitcoin is a huge gigantic deal I want to invite you to look at it, touch it, use it, earn, save, and spend it It’s not a toy, it’s not a game, it’s a revolution And the revolution is for you

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