Bitcoin Investment Cases

This is a collection of writings on the Investment Case for Bitcoin. They are both institutional papers & presentations as well as selected posts from individuals. Share this with friends, family, and colleagues that you care about.

(LEFT) Bitwise - The Case for Bitcoin in an Institutional Portfolio | (RIGHT) CoinShares - A Little Bitcoin Goes a Long Way
(LEFT) MicroStrategy Adopts Bitcoin as Primary Treasury Asset | (RIGHT) Paul Tudor Jones - The Great Monetary Inflation
(LEFT) Fidelity - Bitcoin Investment Thesis "An aspirational store of value"| (RIGHT) Fidelity - Bitcoin Investment Thesis "Bitcoin's role as an alternative investment"
(LEFT) VanEck - The Investment Case for Bitcoin | (RIGHT) Unchained Capital - The End of the Beginning
(LEFT) Adamant Capital - Bitcoin in Heavy Accumulation | (Right) Tuur Demeester - The Bitcoin Reformation
(LEFT) Adamant Capital - How to Position for the Rally in Bitcoin | (RIGHT) Kraken - The Great Debate
(LEFT) Paradigm by Matt Huang - Bitcoin for the Open-Minded Skeptic | (RIGHT) ArkInvest by Yassine Elmandjra - Bitcoin: A Novel Economic Institution
(Left) Vijay Boyapati - The Bullish Case for Bitcoin | (RIGHT) Wences Cesares of Xapo - The Case for a Small Allocation of Bitcoin
(RIGHT) Grayscale - Valuing Bitcoin